Make Your Holidays More Inclusive!


Ensure everyone joins the holiday cheer with our simple strategies.
Place them in common areas for guests to read.
Use them as talking points to educate friends and family about aphasia.
Keep them as handy reminders of communication strategies throughout the year.
Support your guests with aphasia and foster warm connections.  

🎥  Part 1, Why Be Aphasia Inclusive?

🎥  Part 2, Shirley's Silent Wish

🎥  Part 3, Len & Alvin's Holiday Wishes

🎥 Part 4, Bruce's Communication Holiday Wishes

🎥 Part 5, Self-Care is not Selfish

🎥 #67 Bridging Aphasia: A Holiday Host's Guide

🎥  #68 Thanksgiving SFA and Communication Strategies

🎥 #69 Gratitude and Aphasia Inclusion Wins at Thanksgiving

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Utilize our guide to inspire you and take some steps to make your holiday joyful and accessible for people with aphasia

Limited speech is not limited voice!

 "It is truly possible to converse, make memories, and connect even with limited speech. They are the person you know. Their memories, experiences, and knowledge are still there.

Aphasia is the condition that has broken these connections. Figure out a way to communicate."   -DP (spouse)

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