Global Aphasia Treatment

LIFE Speech is your partner on evaluation and treatment of global aphasia, all in the most holistic way.

Know And Treat Global Aphasia

Considered to be the most severe among any other types of aphasia, Global Aphasia has been known for its extreme language-disabling capacity. Having this problem means your brain’s language-controlling part has been damaged already.

This serious damage may be caused by a handful of health conditions that are simply severe on its own like head trauma that results in brain damage, brain infection from viruses or bacteria, and stroke. Being the most serious among all, global aphasia simply affects all aspects of one’s language capacities including understanding and expressing thoughts.

Visible Signs

Difficulty In Repeating & Speaking

Difficulty Comprehending Fast Speech

Poor Grammar & Misspelling Words

Difficulty Understanding Written Materials

Possible Origin & Cause

Brain Trauma

Brain Infection


Progressive Neurological Condition

LIFE Speech Pathology

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Possible Origin & Cause


Meningitis & Other Brain Infection


Brain Injury Causing Trauma


Brain Tumor



Global Aphasia Treatment

Speech Therapy Exercises

The most common treatment for aphasia can also be effective in treating global aphasia. After careful evaluation and diagnosis of global aphasia, the speech-pathologist may require speech therapy that will improve the language abilities of the patient. In the duration of the therapy, patients will receive help in restoring their speech, building the drive to communicate the way they could and finding other ways of expressing one’s thoughts in a conversation. In doing this, once again, LIFE Speech suggests that treatment be guided with a speech-pathologist for accurate and good turn-out.   

Visual Action Therapy

When spoken therapies seem overly complex at the time, visual action therapy can frequently be employed. It doesn't utilize any language. Individuals acquire the ability to express oneself with gestures.

This type of treatment for global aphasia explores different modes of self-expression like movements and gestures, gaining the idea of visual action primarily because exercise on this therapy allows the patient to convey thoughts in the form seen in the eye like body motions and hand gestures. Here at LIFE Speech, therapies like this can be an option when condition requires. 

Constraint-Induced Language Therapy

Constraint-induced language therapy (CIMT) is the most successful speech therapy practice for the management of generalized aphasia.

The objective of constraint-induced language therapy is aimed at helping persons with profound aphasia restore their capacity to speak. By eliminating make-up tactics, CIMT seeks to motivate the patient to utilize their weak limb. The patient ought to begin to restore the arm's functionality as they continue to perform this action, which will help the brain retrain itself to use the injured limb.  

LIFE Speech Pathology: Treating Global Aphasia

LIFE Speech Pathology already has proven experience in treating speech conditions like global aphasia. Taking the knowledge of our speech-pathologists into account, we have the wide capacity of establishing therapies from the most effective to the newest development like Transcranial Stimulation for Aphasia Patients.

Having the most updated technologies, we commit to efficient recovery of our patients with an accessible line of support at all times. Thus, having global aphasia? Visit us today!