Parkinson's Disease

Reclaim Your Voice With Speech Pathology Treatment For Parkinson's Disease

Can you say that again?

❌ people don't hear me

❌ words are on the tip of my tongue

❌ I run out of air

❌ I don't sound like myself

❌ I am left out of conversations

❌ I feel so isolated

❌ no one understands what it is like to feel this way

Control Your Speech and Control Your World


👉🏻 you may be asked to repeat what you say

👉🏻 words may come out in short rushes

👉🏻 hard to get enough air to support speech


    ➡️ Soft speech

    ➡️ Monotone speech

    ➡️ Slurred or mumbled words
Conversations can become challenging.  You may be left on the sidelines of conversations because others don't want to keep asking you to repeat.  

Don't Settle for Sitting on the Sidelines

We Help You Stay in the Conversation

LIFE Speech Pathology's clinicians are certified and licensed in two
evidence-based treatments.  We will help you.


Speak OUT®

Train clients with Parkinson's to use vocal loudness, addressing soft speech challenges.

Intensive, high-effort sessions focused on achieving healthy vocal loudness.

Key Outcomes of LSVT LOUD Treatment

    ✅  Improved Vocal Volume and Clarity

    ✅  Enhanced Facial Expressions

    ✅  Increased Confidence in Social Situations

    ✅  Boost Self-Confidence

    ✅ Lasting Improvement with Practice

LSVT LOUD offers a comprehensive solution for more authentic and accessible communication for individuals with Parkinson's Disease.

Emphasizes 'speaking with intent.'

Transforms speaking from an automatic to a deliberate function, improving speech clarity and effectiveness.

Key Outcomes of Speak Out Treatment

    ✅  Increased Speech Intelligibility

    ✅  Strengthened Voice

    ✅  Improved Breath Support for Speaking

    ✅  Boosted Confidence in Communication

    ✅  Increased social interaction and well-being.

Speak OUT! empowers individuals to connect and share, enhancing their ability to live LIFE more fully.

At LIFE Speech Pathology®, we understand that each individual's journey with Parkinson’s Disease is unique, especially regarding communication.

We proudly offer two leading speech therapy treatments: LSVT LOUD® and SPEAK OUT!®.

Both programs are designed to improve vocal loudness, speech clarity, and confidence, but they take different approaches to achieve these outcomes.

Your dedicated SLP will work closely with you to assess your specific needs, goals, and preferences.

This personalized approach ensures that we align the treatment plan with your individual goals, leveraging the strengths of either LSVT LOUD® or SPEAK OUT!® to optimize your communication abilities.

It's not just about the treatment; it's about connecting with you and supporting your journey to communicate effectively and live life to the fullest.

Meet Mark
Reconnecting at University

Three years before he consulted with LIFE Speech Pathology, Mark began experiencing the early signs of Parkinson's Disease.  

A former economics university professor where he had imparted his lectures and built strong relationships with his students, he increasingly could not communicate with the same vocal clarity and volume. This caused him to withdraw from social activities.

Nonetheless, with the LSVT LOUD® program at LIFE Speech Pathology, he saw a remarkable improvement in his speaking ability within a few weeks.

His voice was louder and more distinct, no longer requiring him to repeat himself. Consequently, his assurance returned as he was able to attend guest lectures and reconnect with his students

Meet Clara
Thriving at Book Club

Clara, a book club organizer and grandmother of five, was known for her vivacious storytelling. However, her voice weakened and lost clarity due to Parkinson’s, causing her to shy away from reading out loud to her grandchildren.

She embarked on a treatment journey with LIFE Speech Pathology and the Speak Out!® program, which proved incredibly transformative.

With a focus on 'speaking with intent,' Clara regained the strength and expressiveness of her voice, making her stories even more animated. She happily returned to her role as the beloved storyteller in her family.

Clara's journey demonstrated that LIFE was dedicated to seeing her regain her voice and ensuring that all aspects of her life were vibrant and fulfilled.

There is HOPE + Path Forward

At LIFE Speech Pathology, we believe in looking beyond the immediate symptoms. It's not just about restoring a voice but ensuring every individual and family navigates their journey with knowledge, strength, and abundant support.

Let's map out your path forward to improved communication.