Treatment of Wernicke's Aphasia

Comprehension skills are impaired by Wernicke's Aphasia which we need to save and treat.   Let's take action today!

Facts & Treatment: Wernicke’s Aphasia 

Let's Rebuild Comprehension

Remember, when Wernicke’s area of the brain is damaged by any element, it will be a big problem in our communication skills. In statistics, Wernicke's Aphasia has been considered as the most common among all types.

After affecting almost 4 in every 10 individuals who experienced stroke, this condition still hunts many others with its observable impacts which include hardness to recall and repeat phrases and coining words that are too unusual and often have no meaning.

Visible Signs

Unable To Understand Words

Difficulty Understanding Written Text

Using Incorrect & Nonsense Words

Making Up Words With No Meaning

Possible Origin & Cause

Brain Trauma

Brain Infection


Progressive Neurological Condition

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Possible Origin & Cause


Neurological Disorders


Brain Inflammation


Stroke & Brain injuries


Brain Infection

Treatment of Wernicke’s Aphasia

Therapies From Speech Language Pathologists

Across all types of aphasia, speech therapies are already proven effective in easing the symptoms and treating the condition.  This has never been different from the treatment for Wernicke's Aphasia. If you have the symptoms, it is suggested to seek the attention of speech language pathologists who will also provide you with therapy. The most common form of therapy for this condition, however, is the group type where the feeling of isolation from the experience of the patients is considered. This will contribute greatly to the recovery.  

Speech Devices

In modern innovations and scientific research, more means have been created to help in treating Wernicke's Aphasia, such as speech devices. In this treatment, the patient will be taught to use technologies in the form of images or pictures to convey the things they want to say.

Even if this will not substantiate enough improvement in speaking, its contribution to the process of regaining the skills to express one’s self will be truly visible. Here at LIFE Speech Pathology, we likewise commit to this kind of innovation for treatment, making the way for more modalities in helping patients.  

Treating The Cause 

As presented in the specific sections above, the condition of Wernicke's Aphasia is brought up and was just a product of various injuries suffered by the Wernicke's part of the brain like brain infections. This idea leads to a new window of treatment by simply treating the infection.

Doing so will not only improve the condition of brain infection but will likewise reduce the symptoms or signs of wernicke's aphasia. Going to your doctor for this type of treatment or religiously following the previously prescribed treatment are the best routes towards this treatment type.

Treatment At LIFE Speech Pathology

Here at LIFE Speech Pathology, we give value to the connection and trust we make with our patients by continuously and actively building therapies and treatment plans for Wernicke's aphasia. We have licensed pathologists who have satisfying experience in treating all types of aphasia.

The route is always holistic and data-driven, from conducting evaluation and diagnosis, to actual therapy sessions and building your support groups, your experience will be much at ease and heading to the direction of healing and recovery.