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Move from Feeling Isolated and Frustrated to feeling Supported, Empowered, and Equipped with the Tools and Strategies Needed to Live a Fulfilling Life with Aphasia
Doors Will Open Fall 2024

The LIFE Aphasia Collective will Open Fall 2024
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You Don't Have to Face Aphasia Without Support

We See You

Living with aphasia can be an isolating and overwhelming experience, both for individuals affected and their care partners. The challenges of communication barriers, lack of professional guidance, and the emotional toll can leave you feeling frustrated and alone. Traditional support methods often fall short, providing spaces for venting without offering practical solutions or continuous support.  

The LIFE Aphasia Collective stands out because it fills this crucial gap uniquely. It offers a comprehensive, professionally guided support system that transforms lives by:

Breaking Isolation: Connect with a community that understands your journey, offering empathy and encouragement. 

Providing Expertise: Access to experienced speech pathologists ensures you receive reliable, effective strategies tailored to your needs. 

Encouraging Action: Our structured communication practice and VIP coaching sessions provide actionable steps that lead to real progress. 

Building Confidence: With professional guidance and a supportive network, you gain the confidence to navigate aphasia and improve your quality of life. 

Ensuring Continuous Support: Regular updates, feedback sessions, and a centralized hub of resources keep you informed and equipped to handle new challenges as they arise.

By joining the LIFE Aphasia Collective, you will receive support and become part of a transformative movement that prioritizes connection, practical solutions, and continuous improvement. This community empowers you to reclaim control over aphasia, fostering a sense of belonging and hope for a brighter future.

Envision the LIFE You Want!

Meet Your Guide

I Knew There Had To Be Another Way

Hi, I’m Genevieve, the founder of the LIFE Speech Pathology, LIFE Aphasia Academy, and the LIFE Aphasia Collective.

With 30 years of experience in aphasia rehabilitation, I’ve listened to countless families and individuals who feel isolated and lack a clear path to a fulfilling life.

Why I Developed the LIFE Aphasia Collective

I’ve seen the struggles of those with aphasia firsthand. They often feel alone and unsupported after therapy ends. I know that real change happens with ongoing support, the ability to pivot, and continuous coaching. Our medical system doesn’t provide this post-therapy, so I created the LIFE Aphasia Collective to fill this gap.

Decades of Experience

With three decades of experience and a deep understanding of how aphasia impacts the care partner and the individual with aphasia, I know that communication is everything.  You don't want the challenges of aphasia to rule your life, and neither do I.  There is another way.  I’m committed to providing a trustworthy, supportive environment. My passion and expertise equip me to guide you on this journey.  

Join the LIFE Aphasia Collective and become part of a community where you’ll never feel alone. Together, we can help you live a life you love with the support you need every step of the way.

My family supports me so I
can support you and your family

From Isolation to Empowerment
The Solution You've Been Looking For

The Current Way

 ⚪️  In-person groups can be challenging to attend
⚪️  Online social media groups offer venting but lack effective problem-solving
⚪️  Still feel all alone even when others respond to your post
⚪️  Everyone has their own opinion, and it's hard to know what to do
⚪️  Still feel frustrated and hopeless
⚪️  Not guided by professionals who can help
⚪️  No structured plan or clear path to improvement 

The LIFE Aphasia Collective Way

✅  Led by an experienced speech pathologist
✅  Collaborative environment with problem-solving and brainstorming
✅  Centralized resources and regular professional guidance
✅  Structured communication practice and method refinement
✅  Tailored programs starting from where you are on the
✅  Success Path Focus on health and wellness, putting aphasia in the backseat
✅  Strong community connection with consistent support networks

Imagine What is Possible with LIFE Aphasia Collective

Imagine a journey where you are never alone, always supported, and continuously moving forward.

With the LIFE Aphasia Collective, you can transform your experience with aphasia into one filled with empowerment, understanding, and progress.

Our unique approach helps you determine your current state of aphasia and caregiving knowledge and fills in information gaps with tailored techniques and training.  Manage life with aphasia where you are healthy, in control, and empowered.

You’ll learn strategies that meet you exactly where you are, ensuring you keep moving toward a life you love. Our community provides consistent support, ensuring you are always seen, heard, and understood.

Communication can be tough, especially with aphasia. But with the LIFE Aphasia Collective, you're never alone. We're your guide, your rock, your unwavering support system. We're the community you can turn to, even in the darkest hours.  Together, we'll navigate the ups and downs, always finding a way forward.

Join the LIFE Aphasia Collective and experience the transformation of being part of a dedicated, understanding, and proactive community. Together, we can help you reclaim control and live a fulfilling life despite the challenges of aphasia.   

We Have a Plan for your Success

Being a Member has Perks

An Aphasia Group Like No Other

Commit to showing up, engaging, participating, and putting one foot in front of the other. As a founding member, you’ll enjoy:

➡️  Private Membership Hub:  Each founding member will have 24/7 access to our private hub, where all content, training, VIP coaching sessions, and all videos will be accessible with captions and transcripts.

➡️  Monthly Q&A:  Submit questions for a monthly Q&A and search through our extensive content library to get the information you need when you need it.
➡️  Private Facebook Group: A members-only interactive Facebook group where you can bring questions and get answers 24/7.

➡️  Family Participation: We value family bonds. Spouses who join The Collective can bring their person with aphasia (PWA) to participate at specific times during the year, and PWAs can bring their significant others on particular days. We offer a reduced family rate for those wanting to participate together weekly.

➡️  Engaging Bonuses: If you register your interest before the doors open, you’ll receive additional bonuses, such as the option to bring a family member to a group session to experience the support firsthand.

➡️  Live/recorded Weekly Content:  Our weekly content, including VIP/Coaching sessions, topic of the month, aphasia technique training/guest speaker, and Q&A, is designed with your flexibility in mind. The frequency of content is subject to change based on the guidance of our founding members.  Our goal is to empower, educate, and support you, without overwhelming you.

*VIP coaching will be conducted as a 1:1 session, recorded via Zoom, and witnessed by other members who can comment and ask questions via the chat function.  The VIP coaching will be available to other members in the private membership area of LIFE Aphasia Collective.  The recordings will not be shared outside of the membership. The session's tips, techniques, and strategies can be used as intellectual property of LIFE Aphasia Academy® and LIFE Aphasia Collective.  Your name and likeness will not be used for marketing outside the LIFE Aphasia Collective.  

Flip the Script to Take Back Control

Aphasia doesn't define you or your life. It's time to regain control and live life on your terms. The LIFE Aphasia Collective is here to help you flip the script. While aphasia may be a part of your life, it doesn't have to control it. Like any significant change or loss, adjusting to life before and after aphasia can be challenging, but there is a solution. The LIFE Aphasia Collective offers the support and resources you need to navigate these changes and reclaim your life.

Limited Time Opportunity
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Monthly membershp

  • Bonus #1 Two VIP Coaching Sessions during your Membership
  • Bonus #2 Exclusive Early Access
  • Bonus #3 Reduced Membership Rate
  • Communication Training of the Month
  • Monthly Q&A
  • Private Membership Hub
  • Live/recorded Weekly Content
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Private Podcast of all content
  • *Join now through 11:59 pm CDT  Saturday, June 1, 2024


Closed until Fall 2024
Price To Be Determined

Monthly membership

  • Communication Training of the Month 
  • Monthly Q&A Private Membership Hub 
  • Live/recorded Weekly Content Private Facebook Group 
  • Private Podcast of all content

Real People, Real Progress

Meet Doris & Gary

"Working with Genevieve in private therapy has been transformative for us. She breaks down our struggles into manageable parts, providing clear guidance and helping us stay positive, even on tough days.

We are excited about joining The Collective because it will extend Genevieve's and LIFE's support to many others. This professional support and community can help so many other families not feel alone.

We understand that aphasia is a lifelong challenge; however, we are determined not to let it define us. The prospect of sharing experiences, brainstorming solutions, and acquiring practical strategies is truly inspiring. We are eager to be part of a community that fosters communication, connection, and personal growth for families like ours.

Join LIFE Aphasia Collective Today and Transform Your Journey

Take the first step towards a brighter future with the LIFE Aphasia Collective.  Join a community that understands, supports, and empowers you. As a founding member, you’ll not only benefit from early access and a reduced rate but also play a crucial role in shaping the future of the Collective to fit your exact needs.

Professional Communication Guidance: Continuous access to expert advice and problem-solving to navigate aphasia confidently.

Direct Access to Communication Coaching: Learn from your own experiences and those of others, with recordings available for ongoing learning.

Private Membership Hub: 24/7 access to all content, training, and coaching sessions, with captions and transcripts for easy accessibility.

Monthly Q&A: Submit your questions and access an extensive content library to get the information you need when you need it. Private Community:

Engage with a members-only interactive online group for continuous support.

Doors Closed Until Fall 2024

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