We Don't Just Care About Communication

We Care About You

You shouldn't have to live a life isolated by the challenges of aphasia and Parkinson's Disease. You deserve to lead a resilient, full life, embracing your journey with strength and determination. We'll navigate this path together, transforming obstacles into opportunities for growth and connection.

You didn’t go to school to become an expert in speech, language, and communication techniques

We did.

Meet Genevieve and Mary Beth, your committed mentors on this journey.

With extensive experience in aphasia and Parkinson's rehabilitation, Genevieve and Mary Beth bring a wealth of expertise and a deep passion for advocacy to their roles at LIFE Speech Pathology® and LIFE Aphasia Collective. Both certified in LSVT LOUD and licensed in SPEAK OUT!, they employ evidence-based techniques to enhance vocal strength and communication abilities.

Their expertise spans aphasia, Parkinson's Disease, and Primary Progressive Aphasia, ensuring comprehensive and personalized care for individuals and families affected by communication disorders.

Genevieve Richardson

Founder, Speech Language Pathologist

Genevieve Richardson, MS, CCC-SLP, is the founder and visionary behind LIFE Speech Pathology®, LIFE Aphasia Academy®, LIFE Aphasia Collective, and the Listen for LIFE Aphasia Podcast.

With over 30 years of experience in aphasia rehabilitation, Genevieve has dedicated her career to empowering individuals and families affected by communication disorders.

At LIFE Speech Pathology®, Genevieve pioneered the transformative Aphaasia-to-Advocacy Method, the bedrock of the practice. This method revolutionizes lives by integrating personalized therapy, family education, and community support. Through online telepractice, she ensures that her specialized services are accessible, setting a new standard in speech and language therapy by transforming lives with aphasia.

LIFE Aphasia Academy® equips clients and their families with essential educational resources, empowering them on their journey.

LIFE Aphasia Collective redefines aphasia support for families by fostering a collaborative community where members can learn and grow together. Genevieve's work not only changes lives but also bridges the gap in care, providing a continuum of support from personalized treatment to community engagement and advocacy.  

Mary Beth Hines

Speech Language Pathologist

Mary Beth Hines, MS, CCC-SLP, brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for advocacy to her role at LIFE Speech Pathology® and LIFE Aphasia Collective.

Specializing in aphasia, Parkinson's Disease, and Primary Progressive Aphasia, Mary Beth's personalized approach fosters transformative communication journeys. Her LSVT LOUD certification and SPEAK OUT! license significantly improve vocal strength and communication abilities for those with Parkinson’s.  

Mary Beth's dedication to advocating for clients and their families is unwavering, ensuring comprehensive support and resources. Her commitment, which aligns with LIFE's mission to empower individuals through personalized therapy, education, and community support, is a testament to her passion.

Beyond clinical outcomes, she aims to enrich connections and understanding, fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment.  

Mary Beth also hosts the Keys for SLPs Podcast, covering comprehensive topics in all areas of communication disorders to enhance knowledge and provide continuing education for SLPs.

It's NOT a Job

A job is a position where you complete certain tasks for an agreed-upon compensation.  A job is defined by characteristics that you would prefer.

It's NOT a Career

A chosen field because you are inspired and want to accomplish what you can. A series of related work experiences you gain in your professional life, often leading to a particular goal.  


A calling is a passion, an internal drive to complete an activity or accomplish a particular goal.  A calling can bring emotional fulfillment.  A calling can also be defined as persuing a cause that is important to you whether it is helping others or then environment, for example.

Meet the Team

We have a dedicated team of helpers, including Autumn, Lana, and Stephanie, who are equally passionate about LIFE's mission to help you achieve the life you want on your terms.  

They’re here to support you every step of the way, ensuring you have all the resources and assistance you need to reach your goals.  


Client and Program Support Specialist

Autumn is integral in client engagement, program support, and crafting accessible aphasia content, ensuring effective communication and resource development.


Podcast Production Manager

Lana is instrumental in the production and implementation of our podcast, handling everything from conceptualization to the final touches of each episode.


Business Organization and Design Manager

Stephanie is the cornerstone of our operations, adept in organization, layout, design, and content implementation, ensuring streamlined and effective processes.

Possible Origin & Cause

Brain Trauma

Brain Infection


Progressive Neurological Condition

Transforming Communication
Transforming LIVES

At LIFE Speech Pathology, we recognize the challenges and isolation that can come with conditions like aphasia, Parkinson's Disease (PD), and Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA).

Our mission is to bridge the gap, ensuring that geographical distance and physical limitations are no longer barriers to receiving high-quality care. With the power of online therapy and telepractice, we bring our services directly to you, making accessing the support you need more accessible than ever.

Our holistic approach considers the individual and the family and provides a comprehensive support system that fosters effective communication and connection. We utilize the latest advancements in telehealth technology to deliver innovative treatments tailored to each client's unique needs.

Our evidence-based strategies are designed to enhance communication, reduce feelings of isolation, and reconnect individuals with their loved ones and communities. Education and empowerment are key components of our telepractice services. We equip families with the knowledge and tools they need to support their loved ones effectively, enhancing the therapeutic journey.

Our philosophy centers on adapting our treatments to fit each individual, combining state-of-the-art techniques with proven methods to achieve the best possible outcomes.

At LIFE Speech Pathology, we are committed to ensuring that each step taken in therapy brings you closer to a more connected, fulfilling life. We understand the importance of overcoming isolation and are here to provide accessible, comprehensive care that addresses the whole person.

If you or someone you care about is navigating the complexities of aphasia, PD, or PPA, we invite you to reach out. Together, we can find the most effective pathways to improve communication and enhance the quality of life, ensuring that this journey is one you don’t have to face alone.

Podcast Guest Episodes

Keys to Aphasia Inclusion at the Holidays, Episode 77

Genevieve joins Mary Beth for this episode to discuss aphasia inclusion. They focus on planning for the holidays through the lens of aphasia inclusion. Zooming out on the bigger picture and zooming in on the details helps families plan holidays that include people with aphasia. Aphasia inclusion, acceptance, and advocacy combat isolation and give a PWA a seat at the table during the holidays and throughout the year.


Genevieve Richardson Discusses Adult Rehabilitation by Telepractice, Episode 193

Genevieve Richardson, founder of LIFE Speech Pathology® in Austin, Texas, has nearly 30 years of experience in adult neurological rehabilitation, with a 10-year focus on chronic aphasia treatment via telepractice. At LIFE Aphasia Academy®, she leads in providing comprehensive coaching, educational, and support services for families affected by aphasia and those facing communication challenges in Parkinson's and Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA).


Keys to Telepractice with Clients with Aphasia, Episode 47

Guest: Genevieve Richardson, MS, CCC-SLP: In this episode, Genevieve reviews the keys to successful telepractice with adult clients and takes a deep dive into evidence-based aphasia therapy across the miles. She takes the listener through assessment, functional goal-setting, practical therapy strategies, and maximizing therapy sessions to meet the needs of clients with aphasia.

What Clients Like You Are Saying

Genevieve's sessions were a turning point for me in improving my communication with my wife. She didn't just teach me; she involved my wife in the process, helping us understand each other better. Our family noticed the difference, too. Now, there's more understanding and patience in our conversations. Thanks to LIFE, our relationship has grown stronger. 
-JL, Aphasian
Before starting with LIFE Speech Pathology, it was hard for me to speak clearly. Genevieve helped me a lot. It wasn't just about talking but about gaining confidence in my speech. She also worked with my husband, teaching him how to support me better. Now, my speech has improved, and I feel more positive. I still have aphasia, but I'm learning to live fully despite it.
- SC, Aphasian
After my stroke, started with Genevieve at LIFE. Now, I talk, write, and (send) emails. I (live) alone successfully and do my own cooking and cleaning. Got a new cat, Suki! My speech (is) clearer. Still working and getting better. Genevieve's guidance, along with Lumosity and pool exercises, (brings) hope and (renews) my life.

HB, Aphasian