Anomic Aphasia Therapy

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Anomic Aphasia: Know + Get Therapy

No More Tip-Of-The-Tongue-Words

In our life, we definitely had some experience of forgetting a word that our brain can almost remember but we say it on the tip of our tongue. However, getting tons of this experience may mean something more alarming like anomic aphasia. This type of aphasia is a result of damage in the left hemisphere of the brain, leading to patients’ difficulty in naming an exact word or thing.

The most common reasons for this neurological condition are also brain problems like stroke, brain injury, infection and diseases of neurodegeneration.     

Visible Signs

Difficulty Naming Objects

Tip-Of-The-Tongue Moments

Possible Origin & Cause

Brain Trauma

Brain Infection


Progressive Neurological Condition

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Possible Origin & Cause


Brain Tumor & Stroke


Neurological Disease


Brain Injury


Health Risk Factors (ie. family history and high blood pressure)

Anomic Aphasia Treatment

Speech-Language Therapies

Speech-language therapies for anomic aphasia is not new at all, this has also been the frontline treatment for other kinds of aphasia. Therapies for speech is unique in its form and approach as it will directly solve various and distinctive problems in language among patients, an area considered as surface only of the inner brain damage that caused the condition. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of speech therapies was clinically proven already and in anomic aphasia cases, pathologists provide exercises that help the patients’ brain find multiple ways to communicate, further aiding its recovery in the long run.

Constraint-Induced Language Therapy

A more specific form of speech therapy that's widely utilized in treating anomic aphasia is the Constraint-Induced Language Therapy. Each day, one hour of communication where patients are disallowed to use other communication alternatives aside from speaking is the core of this therapy. Doing this will compel the brain to repair its affected pair that cause anomic aphasia. This treatment strictly involves the intense way of speaking without the use of hand gestures or other body movements that may convey the thoughts of the patient.  

Anomic Aphasia Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation of anomic aphasia as a form of its treatment involves the merging of different therapies in the clinical field like speech therapy and the Constraint-Induced Language Therapy. The process is not technical as everything flows into one objective - to help the brain innate healing ability.

These therapies will join efficiency to promote neuroplasticity in the brain, this is the characteristic of the brain at which certain repeating interventions will force it to repair or make pathways, a significant mode of healing the injured part of it.

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The process of treating anomic aphasia requires the help from medical professionals, particularly speech-language pathologists, and your LIFE Speech team has the most trusted ones in town. After years of experience in the field, LIFE Speech already has the modern ways of providing you treatment and therapies, tailored to your condition, and with consideration to your preference. We are committed to being with you all throughout your journey of recovery.

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