Conduction Aphasia

Recover to Regain Repetition

Conduction Aphasia

Recover to Regain Repetition

Another type of aphasia at which the LIFE Speech team can help is conduction aphasia. Also known as associative aphasia, conductive type revolves around the impairment of the capacity to repeat words and phrases. Most researchers consider conduction aphasia as a rare species of the class considering that the ability of the patient to understand and even express his feelings remain normal. In recovery, therapists highly recommend speech therapy for patients, specifically sentence repetition therapy.

Visible Signs

Difficulty Repeating Phrases

Can Write But Can't Repeat Verbally

Struggle With Complete Sentences

Poor Word-Filling Skills

Possible Origin & Cause

Brain Trauma

Brain Infection


Progressive Neurological Condition

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Possible Origin & Cause


Damage to the Arcuate Fasciculus




Brain Injuries


Neurodegenerative Disease

Conduction Aphasia Treatment

Sentence Repetition Therapy

Treating conduction aphasia follows the pattern in most cases of aphasia considering that conduction aphasia is considered as mild among other types. Most patients of this condition were able to return to their normal life after therapy. And, indeed, this kind of aphasia still needs therapy, the most common among most utilized treatments is the sentence repetition therapy. Speech pathologists, in this process, require patients to recite words and phrases given to them in the start of the program. They must be able to repeat the given material, and this has been proven effective in helping the brain recover.   

Therapy for Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is an attribute of the brain to rebuild pathways as a way of healing a previously damaged part.  And in the case of Conduction Aphasia, this attribute can be a key to improving any problem in language and speech. Rehabilitation programs at which we combine different therapy approaches will improve neuroplasticity of the brain, leading to faster healing.

The exercises done in therapies will compel and force the brain to create or rebuild these pathways, helping the undamaged parts of it to take over the one affected by injuries or of other causes of aphasia.  

CT Speech & Cognitive Therapy App

In the modern technology today, our pathologists who have been researching ways of treating conductive aphasia have already ventured into more accessible streams of bot information and recovery guide. One latest development is the creation of a speech therapy application. Right on the mobile phones in our hand, we can get the help we need. Though brilliant this idea may seem, it is still suggested to approach and get evaluated by an actual pathologist and seek their guidance upon using these apps. Doing this will save us from any harm of mistreatment whatsoever.

LIFE Speech Pathology

Speaking of seeking the help of pathologists, also remember that you have LIFE Speech Pathology in place waiting for you. If you have been experiencing the symptoms of conductive aphasia and you are aware of a possible cause, have a visit to our clinic today and let's evaluate for a better and more accurate therapy plan. Also, if you are interested in using a mobile application, our experienced pathologists are here, ready to guide you.

Don't forget, medical intervention is still the most trusted source of recovery, so don't waste time today let's start the healing.