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We provide these resources to you to assist you on your rehabilitation journey.  We are continually creating more content.  If there is something you are looking for, please email us directly to inquire.



Coping Skills Action Plan for Persons with Aphasia and Their Families

Identify grief and give you actionable steps to move beyond by providing strategies for self-care and accumulating small wins. Let this be easy.



(so your STATE doesn't have to)

Hospitalization for a serious illness often requires additional care and consideration. This guide provides information to consider and an idea of the nature of decisions to be made. Understand your choices for yourself and your family. Llve your best life.

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An Aphasia Communication Workbook + Self-Care Tips for You

• For spouses and families living with aphasia
•  Understand how to set up the environment
•  Acknowledge your feelings and concerns
•  Five action steps to bring back that loving feeling
•  Strategies for caregiver self-care

Hiring In-Home Caregivers

Questions to Ask

An Aphasia Communication Workbook + Self-Care Tips for You

This workbook will guide you through the non-medical in-home care that can include activities of daily living, chores, meal preparation, companionship, transportation to medical appointments, and more.

Communication Partner Training Cheatsheet

There is a lot to know for aphasia communication

An evidenced-based practice that focuses on indirect treatment through the education of communication partners on how to best support their loved one in conversation.


APHASIA INCLUSION at the Holidays for Families

A practical guide for promoting interaction, activities, and connection during the holidays and beyond.

Senior Housing Options

A Beginners Guide

How to start the talk about housing options and other important information.  Get this guide from CarePatrol to help your loved ones find the right housing situation for them!

Communication Board

For Aphasia and other Medical Conditions

This practical communication board may be helpful for loved ones in the hospital.  Once you download, send the PDF to a printing company, like Office Depot.  Select to have it printed on cardstock paper and laminate it for a couple of dollars more.

Guide to Senior Living

Understand The Options from a Senior Living Specialist at CarePatrol

Understand the different levels of living options available to those 55 and up.  This guide is compliments of CarePatrol in South Austin.  CarePatrol is a nationwide company.