LIFE Speech Pathology patients benefit from founder Genevieve Richardson’s 28 years of rehabilitation experience, specialized training, and knowledge to improve their speech, language, cognition, and communication.  LIFE Aphasia Academy℠ was created to fill the gap of purposeful, specific, and comprehensive education for spouses and families living with aphasia and related disorders.  So many families struggle to live their best life once the reality sets in and rehabilitation is finished.


For the last eight years, Genevieve has worked exclusively online with chronic aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria, and cognitive-communication deficits in clients who were told they had reached a PLATEAU.  Our clients benefit from our inclusive and tenacious therapy that supports patients and their families to survive aphasia and thrive within it.

Priviliged to Serve the Stroke & Nerurologic Community

Outpatient Speech Pathology

・Standardized, dynamic, and person-centered assessment
・Functional goals that promote life participation
・Innovative, out-of-the-therapy-box, evidence-based treatment
・Medicare B provider
・Out-of-Network insurance provider

LIFE Wellness Coaching

・Quarterly membership
・Client-directed topics + tasks
・Personalized hobby and project support ・Brain-health program
・Socialization opportunity groups
       ・Book club
       ・Movie club

Aphasia Academy

    ・Aphasia Field Guide
    ・Communication Partner Training
    ・Aphasia Coach University Listen for LIFE podcast
Listen for LIFE Aphasia Village
Private Facebook group for survivors and family to support one another

Mission & Philosophy

 LIFE Speech Pathology is motivated + driven to help our clients and families succeed. Twenty-six years of rehabilitation speech-language pathology experience has led us to work with the unique and often forgotten population of clients with chronic aphasia.  We have chosen to learn, innovate, collaborate, seek and scour the research, and think outside the therapeutic box.  As a result, we combine specialized knowledge and skills with neuroplastic principles and mindful therapeutic techniques to target the system-level deficits of language and cognition.  Our clients make progress, they achieve goals, and they get more out of LIFE with our treatment methods.  

Maximizing communication is key and it takes a village.  

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