Genevieve Richardson, Speech Pathologist

My life's work is to provide hope, innovation, unparalleled support, and resources to the aphasia community.  I started LIFE Speech Pathology after the sudden passing of my mentor, Bill Connors.  He was a pioneer in the field of aphasia treatment and telepractice.  No other practice provided innovative treatment and support for chronic aphasia when he passed.  With the backing of my family, I started LIFE Speech Pathology, a private practice in Austin, Texas.  We see clients nationwide via telepractice.

Living well despite aphasia needs so much more than direct treatment.  My mission is to provide a one-stop-shop that can serve the communication needs of both the person with aphasia and their families.  

A few months after starting the private practice, I formed another business, LIFE Aphasia Academy®.  It is through LAA where I create courses, host the Listen for LIFE Aphasia Podcast, and, coming by the end of 2023, the LIFE Aphasia Academy Community.  I am so excited to be able to provide a continuum of care to meet the needs of the aphasia population wherever you are on your journey.  

When I am not Zooming with clients, I can be found sitting at my desk creating content, building the business, networking with healthcare professionals around Austin and Texas, and supervising a graduate student.

My husband Darwin and I just celebrated 27 years of marriage and we are parents to two daughters, 19 and almost 17.  We are owned by four cats, one Doberman, and 17 chickens.  We enjoy chasing live music around hill country in Austin and traveling when I can break away from the business.

Why Private Practice?

Persons with aphasia and their families need education, support, and resources to live a fulfilled life with chronic aphasia.  The autonomy and inspiration that comes with private practice enable me to improve and enhance my skills, and abilities, question traditional methods, and strive for greater achievements to assist families living with chronic aphasia to achieve more.

LIFE's Mission is to Help You Live Your Best LIFE

It's NOT a Job

A job is a position where you complete certain tasks for an agreed-upon compensation.  A job is defined by characteristics that you would prefer.

It's NOT a Career

A chosen field because you are inspired and want to accomplish what you can. A series of related work experiences you gain in your professional life, often leading to a particular goal.  


A calling is a passion, an internal drive to complete an activity or accomplish a particular goal.  A calling can bring emotional fulfillment.  A calling can also be defined as persuing a cause that is important to you whether it is helping others or then environment, for example.


Priviliged to Serve the Stroke & Nerurologic Community

We provide comprehensive therapy to stroke survivors, catering to their unique needs. Our approach is inclusive and persistent, helping patients and their families overcome aphasia and achieve their goals. Our therapy for stroke survivors is unparalleled in its comprehensiveness and effectiveness. We take a personalized approach that addresses all of our patients' unique needs, guiding them and their families through the challenges of overcoming aphasia and achieving their goals.

Outpatient Speech Pathology

・Standardized, dynamic, and person-centered assessment
・Functional goals that promote life participation
・Innovative, out-of-the-therapy-box, evidence-based treatment
・Medicare B provider
・Out-of-Network insurance provider

Concierge Communication Wellness

・Client-directed topics + tasks
・Personalized hobbies and projects
・Brain-health program
・Socialization opportunity groups
       ・Book club
       ・Movie club

LIFE Aphasia Academy®

On-Demand Course
・Unlocking Aphasia

・Listen for LIFE Aphasia Podcast
・Communication Coaching
・LIFE Aphasia Academy Community (Coming late 2023)

Our belief in the infinite possibilities of rebuilding a life you love from aphasia drives our devotion and determination to provide unconventional treatments to help you achieve your goals.


Mission & Philosophy

At LIFE Speech Pathology, our top priority is helping our clients and their families achieve success. With almost three decades of experience in rehabilitation speech-language pathology, we specialize in working with clients with chronic aphasia–an often overlooked population. 

Our approach centers on continued learning, innovation, collaboration, and exploring the latest research thoroughly. We think outside the box to combine advanced knowledge and skills with neuroplastic principles and mindful therapeutic techniques, allowing us to target system-level deficits of language and cognition effectively. Through our personalized treatment methods, our clients make significant progress, achieve their goals, and gain more from their lives.

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