Innovative Speech Pathology Treatment for Adults with
Chronic Aphasia after Stroke or other Neurologic Condition


LIFE Speech Pathology founder Genevieve Richardson is rebelling against the idea of a plateau in your rehabilitation journey by creating a therapeutic space for adults with chronic aphasia. Grounded in the belief that with endurance, tenacity, and patience, more goals can always be reached and more healing can always be found, Life Speech pathology’s approach to therapy embodies a revolutionary and compassionate way of looking at treatment: that you can actually live and enjoy life post-stroke.

Hello, I'm Genevieve.

LIFE Speech Pathology + LIFE Aphasia Academy℠ was born out of a twenty-eight-year-long career in neurological rehabilitation and an eight-year stint of work under well-respected speech pathologist Bill Connors. Genevieve Richardson understands that healing is not linear.  Her rehabilitation experience, continuing education, and expertise equip her to meet her clients each day where they are in the rehabilitation journey, whether a peak or valley, with the tenacity to pursue more remarkable growth and healing.  LIFE Speech Pathology wants to come alongside you and your family to empower, support, and provide encouragement while navigating the journey of living with chronic aphasia.


At LIFE Speech Pathology, we pride ourselves in offering holistic therapy that addresses the body, mind, and spirit. One of the most important (and often undervalued) parts of your healing journey is your mindset. LIFE Speech Pathology is dedicated to helping all of our patients embody and embrace a mindset that will allow them to achieve the maximum amount of healing. We know that life after a stroke can be difficult, disappointing and can feel hopeless.  However, we are dedicated to being more than simply therapists. We want to advocate for you and teach you how to advocate for yourself.  We want to be your friend and also your coach and cheerleader, making sure that you reach your full healing potential.


Young Adult

A young adult has distinct needs and wants after a stroke or diagnosis of a neurologic condition. They often have a different life focus than someone who is established and well into their career and social system. We consider many factors as part of a holistic approach to treatment and goal setting. We incorporate social, emotional, psychological, health, language, and cognition into our program and the development of patient-centered goals.


For clients in the prime of their careers, a stroke can be detrimental to returning to work successfully. LIFE Speech Pathology considers the impact of aphasia on language and thinking skills for employment and how it breaks an individual's confidence. Treatment incorporates career-specific skills, terminology, and situations into prioritized, functional goals. We'll use comprehensive evaluation methods and patient-reported outcome measures to collaboratively build a comprehensive program to get you back to your career.


You've made it to retirement, woo hoo! Whether it's a minor stroke or more impactful, LIFE Speech Pathology has the knowledge and experience to meet you where you are now and provide comprehensive, patient-centered treatment to reach your goals. Trust in the knowledge and expertise of clinicians who understand where you are and how to improve your communication so you can enjoy retirement.

Go for it, you have nothing to
lose and all to gain.

"I have so many wonderful examples to pick from over the last six years. Genevieve is my husband's therapist and she goes out and beyond to help him recover. She uses feedback to better customize his sessions. She works tirelessly to bring the best of her knowledge to help. She once came to Houston, where we live, and did a face-to-face session with my husband. My husband can speak longer sentences, text to communicate better and with confidence. He is eager to join in conversations he would normally shy away from. Cognitively he has improved and is able to process tasks faster and clearer."


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