Go for it, you have nothing to lose and all to gain.

"I have so many wonderful examples to pick from over the last six years. Genevieve is my husband's therapist and she goes out and beyond to help him recover. She uses feedback to better customize his sessions. She works tirelessly to bring the best of her knowledge tot help. She once came to Houston, where we live, and did a face-to-face session with my husband.

My husband can speak longer sentences, text to communicate better and with confidence. He is eager to join in conversations he would normally shy away from. Cognitively he has improved and is able to process tasks faster and clearer."


Great. Exceptional.

"Genevieve may professionally be my husband's speech therapist, but she has become a marriage and family counselor, and a friend and ally in our lives. She has helped me to understand more about how my husband is now instead of trying to fit him into who I remember him being.

I've grown used to the silence of not having my husband willing to speak. Now, I am often surprised to hear him comment on the weather, traffic, and even on shows that he has recently watched. He asks for help in looking things up so that he understands what things are or even how things work.

Our lives went from just trying to make it to the next day to living. We are laughing, we are exploring who we are as a family now, and we look forward to the opportunities of what tomorrow brings."


Speech and language are vital to living.

"My husband had very poor communication skills and ability, we were desperate for services. From the very first session, Genevieve displayed positive confidence in GPs limited abilities. As she coaches and facilitates language acquisition and letter/word formation my husband's confidence in communication grows. Not only is she a "think outside the box" therapist, but she is also a positive role model for me. Each week she gives me pointers and techniques to help us practice and complete "homework." We never fail to leave therapy sessions encouraged and empowered."


My speech before was 30%.

"My stroke was January 2014. I went back to work with 30% speech. I had to use many technologies and external supports to listen, read, speak, and write at work. I don't need any supports now. I couldn't hear and understand numbers, now I can. I go to work every day and I work on my aphasia every day, too. You have to work on speech to make it better. I use Luminosity and Constant Therapy to help practice. I do therapy with Genevieve each week. Now my speech is 85%. I would say work with Genevieve, she is good for my aphasia and me."


Innovative & Exciting.

"Genevieve was a great mentor and supervisor, allowing me to truly experience all aspects of the field, including both the clinical and business sides of things. She was open-minded and always treated me as a peer, rather than a subordinate. We shared a ton of resources back and forth and plan to continue our collaboration in researching EBP (evidence-based practice) techniques. Overall, this experience was informative, gratifying, and invaluable. The skills l've learned will be carried on with me, and I am thankful to have gained experience in two new areas (adult population + teletherapy), with a company that was established, yet innovative and exciting in its approach to recovery following a diagnosis of aphasia."

Graduate Student

Our experience has been amazing.

"We couldn't be happier with the therapy we have received over the past year. After suffering a stroke my husband immediately started therapy, but after eight months there was little improvement. Two years later your practice was recommended to us during a visit to the neurologist. I had my reservations at first since it had been such a long time since the stroke and the previous therapy, but since starting with Genevieve, my husband has gone from not speaking at all to being able to talk in sentences in one year's time! Genevieve is dedicated, kind, and caring, and someone who truly cares about every one of her patients."


My only words were "no" and "damn," nothing more. 

"About a year after my stroke, I started working on a new program with Genevieve and she sent me started working Lumosity. (Wonderful!) Today, I am talking, I write sentences and spell words, and write emails to my friends and family. I now live alone and am cooking, taking care of myself, cleaning, and doing daily activities. Now, I have a new cat, Suki! I talk more and enunciated my speech. I continue to make progress working with Genevieve. Genevieve + Lumosity + Exercises at the pool = my recuperation + hope + life!"


"Telepractice therapy has been a great opportunity for my dad to continue his speech therapy. He was unsatisfied with his speech when he was discharged from outpatient therapy 4 months ago. Genevieve is so compassionate. She has helped him focus on the quality of his speech, eye contact, and thinking first before speaking. He has progressed so much and is now able to talk on the phone to his granddaughter who is away at college. We are so grateful to work with LIFE Speech Pathology."

Olivia P

"(Genevieve) has brought us hope in more ways than I can ever put into words. She's been the answer to numerous prayers, and a blessing."


"I had the pleasure of having Genevieve as my supervisor for my final graduate school internship at New York University. Genevieve is a wonderful therapist and was a great supervisor. She is experienced, thoughtful, and generous with her time. She is a dedicated therapist who stays current in the field by reading research and collaborating with other therapists. She establishes a great rapport with her clients and keeps therapy focused on functional outcomes. I highly recommend Genevieve both as a therapist and as a supervisor."

Rebekah Eberhardt

"While I am not a caregiver, as a student clinician SP, I had firsthand experience working with many of Genevieve's clients for a consistent, prolonged period of 3 months, and in that time I observed many clients' positive improvements in both functional communication skills and overall quality of life. I was also privileged to participate in communications with various clients and caregivers sharing anecdotes of success stories and generalizations outside of therapy. Additionally, participating in various group sessions provided a totally different lens to evaluate clients' performance in additional contexts. Observing clients interact, initiate, support, joke, laugh and show genuine interest and excitement in communicating with us and each other was truly gratifying."

Jessica Creary