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Moving Beyond the Limits of Aphasia

Achieve the life you desire with a customized plan that may include direct treatment, on-demand courses, and a wealth of resources and community.

Continuum of Care for Aphasia

LIFE Speech Pathology® + LIFE Aphasia Academy® Offer Solutions for Your Aphasia Journey


Outpatient speech pathology treatment for aphasia, related disorders, and Parkinson's disease.


Learn the fundamentals of aphasia, motor speech disorders, cognition, and communication strategies to apply now.


Access resources including communication plans, making legal judgments, and much more.


Launching in early 2024, a specialized community for individuals with aphasia, their families, and professionals to come together.

Every Person with Aphasia is Valued and Deserves Quality of Life

If you don't address the whole person...

Lose connection with your loved ones and community

Feel hopeless and, sometimes, shame for having aphasia

Overwhelmed with life changes and feeling isolated 

And that leads to sleepless nights and feeling lonely and alone.  We don't want that for you.  LIFE Speech Pathology has worked with hundreds of clients to help them improve their communication, purpose, connection, and goals.

Successful Recovery in Chronic Aphasia

Jane began working with LIFE Speech Pathology three years after suffering a left-brain stroke.

Before that, she had been the director of accounting for a local IT firm. In her free time, Jane liked to garden, attend church, read books in her book club, eat out, and travel with her family and friends.

Due to her aphasia, she struggled to find words, listen to voicemails and conversations, read emails or text messages, or write down phone messages. In addition, her cognitive communication was also affected, leading to difficulty focusing on activities, conversing in a quiet environment with multiple people, losing her train of thought, and difficulty expressing her ideas to others

Jane had gone over two years without any speech pathology treatment for her aphasia, leading her to be increasingly frustrated that she was unable to socialize with friends over a meal, have a conversation with her husband, or describe to her doctor the serious side effects of a medication she was on.

Jane was in search of aid. Her state of mind was in disarray due to her difficulty in relating and conversing with her relatives and acquaintances.

After a Google search, she came across LIFE Speech Pathology and made an appointment for a complimentary discovery session.

Utilizing the LIFE Participation Approach to Aphasia, we analyzed all of the different life situations, communication environments, personal identity, attitudes, and feelings, as well as considering language and thinking impairments to create a customized plan of treatment that focused on Jane's goals.

Treatment Targets
Attention ●  Working Memory ●  Verbal Expression ●  Self-advocacy
Metacognition Strategies  ●  Communication Partner Training

Jane Met Her Goals for Aphasia Therapy

Jane has accomplished her objectives for Aphasia Therapy, utilizing planning and strategies and advocating for her needs. She can now converse while making meals for her family and engage in conversations with multiple people around a table. She can also communicate her worries about medications and side effects through email, voicemail, and in person. She can drive and navigate to unfamiliar places in her town without having to set the cruise control to control speed, and she can engage in meaningful conversations and exchanges with her family and friends in diverse circumstances

Ready to experience the success Jane achieved?
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Hello, I'm Genevieve.

LIFE Speech Pathology and LIFE Aphasia Academy® were envisioned to meet the comprehensive needs of clients and their families living with aphasia.  As a healthcare professional who has worked with individuals with aphasia in the hospital and their homes, I have witnessed their concerns, fears, and daily challenges firsthand. These experiences have inspired me to establish a private practice and training program that helps improve life participation for those affected by aphasia.

Rebuilding Lives After Aphasia

Treatment addresses the whole person + whole family by creating meaningful connections with friends, family, and the community, enabling clients to engage in activities and conversations that matter most to them.

I reject the notion of plateaus and encourage my clients to do the same. There is always another way, a different angle, or another approach to explore. I am committed to helping our clients achieve remarkable growth and healing.

Discover the LIFE Difference

At LIFE Speech Pathology, our mission transcends the bounds of traditional outpatient speech therapy. We're here to champion a holistic approach to communication, ensuring you or your loved one feels supported every step of the journey.

✨ Personalized Therapy: Through our private practice, receive tailored treatment that respects and uplifts individual communication goals.

🎙 Listen for LIFE Aphasia Podcast: Dive deep into invaluable resources, insights, and stories that empower and inform. Every episode is a new chapter of hope and knowledge.

📘 Unlocking Aphasia Course: Unravel the intricacies of aphasia with our dedicated course, designed to demystify, enlighten, and guide.

🤝 Coming Soon - The Aphasia Transformation Experience, Membership + Community.  Beyond therapy, we're building a vibrant community. Envision a space where communication blossoms, partners are trained, therapeutic ideas come to life, and your burning questions find answers in our monthly Q&A sessions.

If you're seeking to unlock the full potential of life despite living with aphasia, look no further! At Life, we offer a range of services and transformational programs to assist you in your journey.

As a thank you for completing your discovery consultation, we would love to gift you our digital eBook, ‘Beyond Words’. This book contains a wealth of knowledge that can be referred to and utilized time and time again. Start your exploration with us today!

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Committed to LIFE Participation

We are committed to helping you connect with your loved ones and achieve value and purpose despite aphasia by providing innovative treatment approaches for individuals and families.

For the last nine of our nearly thirty years of experience in aphasia rehabilitation, we have offered treatment via telepractice that effectively helps our clients to achieve their goals of connection, purpose, value, and confidence in their ability to communicate.

With just a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer and an inquisitive attitude, telepractice + LIFE Speech Pathology might be the perfect answer for you!

If this message resonates with you, we invite you to book a free discovery call.  LIFE offers more than just individual therapy, let's discuss your options.

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Measuring Success by LIFE Participation

Effective communication is a fundamental human right

Our holistic approach to rehabilitation prioritizes communication skills and active involvement in daily life. We aim to work towards your goals as they become our own.

Living with aphasia encompasses much more than just language and speech impairments. It involves active participation in various life situations, influenced by your personality, attitudes, and emotions.

Additionally, the communication and language environments you engage with play a crucial role in your experience with aphasia.

How would you measure successful treatment?

Our practice prioritizes setting relevant and meaningful goals that align with the individual's environment. Our interventions are designed to meet immediate needs while making a lasting impact, in line with our approach to treating aphasia.

Below, you can find further information regarding the conditions we address and
how we measure our success.  
Learn more about the conditions we treat.

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